Invisalign® & SureSmile®

A crooked, uneven smile can be more than an aesthetic problem – misalignment can also increase your risk for tooth damage, cavities, and gum disease. Many adults need their teeth realigned, but do not want to go through the hassle of getting traditional metal braces. That is where clear aligners come in! At Smiles on the Boulevard, we can use Invisalign® and SureSmile® aligners to comfortably and discreetly straighten your teeth.

invisalignDo I Need My Teeth Straightened?

Misalignment is very common among children. As their adult teeth begin to emerge, they may overlap or grow in at odd angles. For most people, after their braces are taken off as a child, they do not have to worry about their teeth becoming misaligned again. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. For some, their teeth may shift again over time. Injury, bruxism, and periodontal disease can also affect the alignment of your teeth.

In addition to being a cosmetic issue, crooked teeth are more difficult to clean and care for, which may increase your risk of developing gum disease and cavities. Misalignment can also lead to overcrowding. If left untreated, this may put a strain on your mouth and lead to loose or missing teeth. Dr. Hawkins will examine your smile and help you understand your options if you have a crooked or overcrowded smile.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Traditionally, crooked teeth were treated with metal braces. The problem with these is that they are difficult to install, uncomfortable, and take a long time to provide results. Most patients have to wear their braces for at least two years. Because they are made of an intricate framework of wires and brackets, patients with braces cannot eat certain foods. Popcorn and chewing gum, among other things, have to be cut out of your diet if you have traditional braces.

Unlike braces, clear aligners are sleek, comfortable, and fast-acting! Aligners come in a series of custom plastic trays that are changed out every two weeks or so. These trays fit snugly over your teeth to gently guide them into proper alignment. Depending on your smile, you will see a significant difference in three months to one year! Because aligners can be taken out at any time, you won’t have to change your diet!

Where Do I Begin?

Dr. Hawkins will begin with an examination and consultation. Depending on your smile, budget, and the results you would like from your treatment, she will recommend either Invisalign® or SureSmile®.

Invisalign® treatments can be completed in three months to one year, depending on how much your teeth need to be realigned. If you decide to move forward with Invisalign®, Dr. Hawkins will take a detailed scan of your mouth and send your information to the company. At Invisalign®, technicians will examine your teeth, give you a case number, and design your clear aligners. They will be shipped to your home as soon as they are ready, and you can begin treatment right away!

SureSmile® treatments are also quick, easy, and straightforward. For this option, Dr. Hawkins will use your information to design your new smile herself. She will review the projected changes with you before sending your information to the SureSmile® company to craft your aligners.

If you would like to learn more about clear aligners and how to straighten your smile, please call our office today at 740-423-8416.