Athletic Mouthguards

Contact sports are some of the biggest causes of dental injuries. Broken, cracked, chipped, and even missing teeth can be common occurrences among those who participate in strenuous physical activities. Thankfully, you can comfortably protect your teeth and improve your breathing with a professional athletic mouthguard!

What Are Mouthguards?

Athletic mouthguards are small plastic appliances that sit snugly over the surface of your teeth. They can protect your teeth from becoming damaged during high-impact and contact sports such as football, boxing, and others. At Smiles on the Boulevard, we design every mouthguard to have a comfortable, custom fit. Customized mouthguards generally fit more tightly and securely than store-bought options – making them more comfortable and effective.

Although athletic mouthguards are most commonly used for sports where you may come into close-contact with another person, Dr. Hawkins recommends them for everyone who plays sports. Dental accidents can happen to anyone – whether you are the star quarterback or a causal ice-skater.

What is the Best Kind of Mouthguard?

There are three main types of mouthguards – custom, boil-and-bite, and one-size-fits-all.

Boil-and-bite and one-size-fits-all mouthguards are available at most supermarkets and pharmacies. They are cheap and accessible to a diverse assortment of people. The low price tag is what generally draws people to these kinds of mouthguards. Unfortunately, because they are designed to be worn by anyone, these appliances can be uncomfortably big and bulky. Since store-bought mouthguards are not made with YOUR mouth in mind, they will not protect your teeth as well as custom guards.

Although they are a bit more expensive, custom mouthguards are designed to fit perfectly. They are comfortable, sleek, and effective. Unlike the bulky store-bought variety, custom mouthguards can open your airways to improve breathing as you exercise!

How Often Should I Get a New Mouthguard?

Dr. Hawkins recommends children get a new mouthguard before every new sports season. Because children grow so quickly, their mouthguards may not last as long as an adult’s might. Depending on their lifestyle and activity level, an adult may need a new mouthguard every year or every few years.

It is important to take good care of your mouthguard to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Clean your mouthguard after each use and keep it stored in its original container. Biting or chewing on your mouthguard can cause damage and lower its effectiveness.

If you think you may be a candidate for a custom athletic mouthguard, please call our office today at 740-423-8416. We would be happy to schedule a consultation!