Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the perfect solution! Dental bridges are excellent for replacing one, two, or three missing teeth in a row. They are comfortable, sleek, and natural-looking. Bridges are one of our most popular replacement options since they are more durable than dentures without requiring surgery like dental implants. At Smiles on the Boulevard, Dr. Hawkins and her skilled team can design and install the perfect dental bridge to restore your smile!

bridgesHow Do Bridges Work?

A typical dental bridge is made up of three main parts – the replacement tooth and two support crowns. For a bridge to work, Dr. Hawkins will place crowns over the top of the two healthy teeth on either side of the gap. To ensure your crowns will fit well and remain sturdy, she will have to remove some of the enamel from the tops of your teeth. Your new crowns will look natural and keep your healthy teeth safe and secure.

Once these crowns are in place, Dr. Hawkins will attach your replacement tooth – also known as the pontic. The pontic is a porcelain or ceramic tooth with no root system. Instead of being held in place by a post, it is supported by the two teeth on either side. Once Dr. Hawkins permanently attaches your pontic to the supporting teeth, your bridge will effectively “bridge the gap” left by a missing tooth.

Do Bridges Look Natural?

Yes! Because each part of the bridge is made from high-quality porcelain or ceramic, your new tooth will look completely natural. Before crafting your crowns, Dr. Hawkins will take detailed photos of your natural teeth. She will use this information to ensure your bridge matches the shape and color of your real teeth.

Because your pontic (replacement) tooth will not have an artificial root system, the two support teeth will hold it in place slightly above the gum line. There is no reason to worry, though! The space between your gums and tooth will not be noticeable. Your tooth will look natural, even if it does not extend below the gums.

How Do I Care for My Bridge?

To ensure your bridge lasts a lifetime, it is important to take good care of it. Please continue brushing and flossing every day. Dr. Hawkins recommends using dental products that contain fluoride, so you can build up an extra layer of protection. Treat your new tooth just like you would treat a natural tooth.

Although we use the sturdiest materials possible to design your crowns, it is still possible for your bridge to break or become damaged. To avoid this, Dr. Hawkins asks that patients do not chew on hard substances like ice, popcorn with kernels, or olives with pits. If something happens to your bridge, please call us right away so we can repair it.

If you think you may be a candidate for a dental bridge, please call our office today at 740-423-8416. A friendly member of our team would be happy to answer any of your questions or schedule an appointment!